Michaela Weaver C-Suite Network Advisor Since February 2022

Executive Addictive Lifestyle and Behavior Coach: Best-selling author, TEDx speaker, Master Coach

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Are you ready to live your best life yet, and say goodbye to yesterday’s stress and addictive guilt?

Now is the time to seize upon a new beginning. To fulfil your highest potential with ease and be fully present in your life. To build vivid, treasured memories and find inner wellbeing and joy. Welcome to Freedom. A world where your paradigms are shifting.

Experience your ultimate authentic life, free from over-drinking, over-thinking, over-working, smoking.

Experience your ultimate authentic life, free.

No more exhaustion. No more stress!

No more shame. No more guilt. And no more regret.

This is not just answering the question, ‘how can I quit or cut down, and change my stressful addictive behaviours?’

Today, is the day, where you can change your future and recalibrate your life. Alcohol, smoking, excess work, spiraling thinking, drama.

Welcome to The Calibration Shift™!

It’s time to shift your paradigm and embrace your life.

Get your power back. Fly higher than you ever thought possible. Discover the real, authentic you.

No more shame. No more guilt. And no more regret.

Michaela Weaver

The Science for Transformational Freedom™ is a science-based method for liberation.

And discovering this is your key to recalibrate for a new bright, happy future.

Reclaim your innate power and shine with unbridled confidence.

Build unwavering trust in all your key relationships, both personal and professional.

Live and lead with complete authenticity and infinite freedom.

And the best of it?

Once you experience The Calibration Shift™ for yourself, you will never want to fuel the addictive behaviors again. They will lose all hold over you. You will be free. And that is just the beginning…

Hi, I’m Michaela Weaver

As the world’s executive addiction breakthrough expert, and leader in the science of transformational freedom, I work with high-achieving successful people guiding them to discover the joy of life free from life’s addictions. Here you reclaim your power from over-achieving, addictive behaviors to live with unparalleled authenticity – and that’s when life really starts levelling up – every moment lived with crisp, fulfilled clarity.

I know exactly what it’s live with addictive, stressed behavior, yet still function in society behind a mask, and be that ambitious, successful high-performance executive – outwardly accomplished, but inwardly struggling with failed promises and morning regret.

For a long time, I asked myself, ‘Should I give up alcohol? How do I give up smoking? What if I don’t like working less hard?’ Just the thought of those questions conjured up images of a lesser life, boring, and uninspiring, and somehow being less of a person. I now know that the opposite is true and I was looking from the wrong perspective. That was before I discovered the science behind recalibrating my life: The Science of Transformational Freedom™.

I am a biochemical scientist, so I needed a process for change that was logical, and made sense to me intellectually. I started challenging everything I had believed, and that challenge revealed the truth – the elusive holy grail to escape and break free!

I am a Masters NLP and Executive Coach, Life and Wellbeing Coach and Addiction Specialist. I am also a member of the Association for Coaching, the American Board of NLP, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. I live in the UK with my partner and at various points with my three grown up children. I have clients all across the globe and in my spare time, I get my kicks from riding a big motorbike, and finding peace in nature.

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