Merit Kahn, CSP C-Suite Network Advisor Since March 2020

Programs for Sales and Leaders to stay Open for Business in spite of Coronavirus

Marketing & Sales

Selling in a pandemic is different. If you are in an argument with reality about that, you will lose. We learned the lessons from the recession and 9/11. Yes, we’ll get through this, but if you sell today the way you sold two weeks ago, you are in for a nasty wake up call.

I offer group training and 1 on 1 coaching programs for sales professionals, sales leadership, business owners and entrepreneurs in consultative sales industries. 

  • If you are stuck, unsure about why sales calls are different now and how you shift, call me. I will show you possibilities and give you practical ways to pivot your sales messages.
  • If you are concerned about making sales and marketing mistakes now that could damage your brand in the future, call me. I will help you craft an appropriate plan for your appropriate sales offers.
  • If you are frustrated and unsure about exactly what to say now that everything has changed, call me. I will give you prescriptive language for sales now, because it is different.
  • If your stress is overwhelming and you manage a team or a company, call me. I will help you understand your Emotional Intelligence strengths to lean into to navigate any crisis.
  • If you are overwhelmed because you have to stay open for business but need ideas and strategy to revamp your sales strategy and messaging, call me. I got you.

As a Sales Mindset Expert, I will work with you directly so you will make the critical shifts today that will help you stay open for business, and possibly even grow in spite of Covid-19.

No BS.

No pollyanna nonsense.
More possibilities. Made Practical.

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