Maurits van Sambeek C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2021

Philosopher, Author of Omni-Benevolence


Maurits van Sambeek, MA is a metaphysician, leadership coach and the author of Omni-BenevolenceThe-All-Doing-Good book for Philanthropy Directors.

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He enjoys mastermind groups, long walks in the forest and weekend trips with friends. He is a real study enthusiast. His house is packed with books and his computer carries a library of electronic study files. Over the years he also signed up for a multitude of online courses for which he sometimes forgets the passwords which he then has trouble finding back in one of his email inboxes or somewhere else. His opulent use of post-its, writing pads and other office utensils is greeted with great gratitude by the local office supply store.

Fortunately for his clients he has a keen way of comprising the lessons he learned in hands-on study materials. You can get a special starter package at