Does your organization’s leadership and workplace culture provide the agility to survive and thrive in this world of relentless change?

Meet Mark Hinderliter

Dr. Mark Hinderliter is a Veteran-Owned business owner with decades of high-level leadership experience. His experience as a Senior Vice-President of Human Resources for a global billion-dollar company along with a PhD in Organization and Management is an uncommon fusion of executive experience and academic credentials. As the head of Human Resources, Mark was responsible for talent management, benefits administration, leadership development and culture development, Employee Relations, Payroll, and HR systems management and implementation. In this role, Mark collaborated with all functions of the company; sales, operations, finance, IT and manufacturing.

Complimentary, Virtual Lunch &Learn

My give is a complimentary, virtual Lunch & Learn for a leadership team. A sampling of topics includes the following:

Building trust in the virtual world

Organizational Agility: The future ain’t what it used to be

Communicating for Organizational Alignment

Leadership and Culture: Superpowers or Kryptonite?

The benefits of the virtual lunch and learn include great content, an energizer for the participants, and an opportunity for Mark and the company to get to know each other.

About Third Way Inc.

We work with mid-size businesses to develop inspiring leaders and workplaces to create a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent, and achieving business results.

We work and live in a world of relentless change. Disruptive technology, an ever-changing workforce, more demanding customers, unpredictable Black Swan events (COVID) and geopolitical influences.

No business can control these external factors, but they can continue to develop any business' twin superpowers; leadership and culture.

Dr. Mark Hinderliter has over 30 years of experience developing leaders and culture, as an executive inside the business and with client companies.

Featured In


Hiring for Character

The Merit Profile © is a personality and character-based assessment the helps companies hire for skills, experience, AND character. While skills and experience are important, character can have a greater impact on performance and fit with the company.

Leadership Development

Dr. Mark Hinderliter’s Diamond Quality Leadership © teaches leaders six practices that separate the best leaders from the rest. The delivery of this program allows leaders to apply the principles and skills on the job until they become second nature. This approach stands out from the approach seminar companies take.

Executive Coaching

Mark’s senior leadership experience helps him immediately connect and gain credibility with his clients. We work together to identify my client’s most pressing challenges and develop practical solutions to keep them moving forward.

A Healthy Workplace Culture

People are an organization’s most valuable resource. Yet, most companies have only marginal insight into how their people think and feel. Olumo is a people analytics platform that helps companies attract, retain, and develop their people. It is a simple, yet elegantly-powerful solution that gathers feedback, contextualizes it into actionable data, and initiates a process that creates employee buy-in and engagement while solving organizational problems. Ask me about a complimentary sample survey.


"Dr. Mark Hinderliter is an outstanding executive coach. He is a high-integrity coach with vast experience in the real world of senior leadership. As a thought partner, Mark is a great listener and can quickly get to the heart of business challenges. His practical approach has helped me identify what isn’t working and shift to strategies that have been more effective. "


"I worked with Dr. Mark Hinderliter for several years. Running a $200 million-dollar global business comes with ongoing challenges. Mark has always been a great coach and sounding board helping me think through complex challenges. He helped me improve my leadership approach. Mark partnered with me to deliver his Diamond Quality Leadership program for my leadership teams all over the world. While this program definitely helped develop my managers, the most lasting benefit has been the positive impact on the culture of my business. "

- Peter Wallace | Executive Chairman, TPT Stops, LLC.

"The Diamond Quality Leadership program along with Mark Hinderliter’s coaching dramatically increased the effectiveness of communications in our leadership team. The content was very relatable and helped us navigate 2020. Mark is very professional, always organized and had the technology to deliver an in-depth virtual workshop."

- Brian Fitch, President, My Corporate Expressions, Houston TX