Are your salespeople discounting more than you think they need to?

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Is your sales team up to selling in the new world of business? Have you figured out how your customer value has changed in the post-lockdown environment, and what to do about it?

Are your salespeople discounting more than you think they need to? Are they “losing on price” more often than you think they’re really losing on price? Do they discount their way out of trouble… or build value?

Is your customer churn higher than you’d like? Do you know why?

Does everyone in your company know how you add value to your customers? Does everyone who touches your customer know how to uncover new value-adding opportunities?

Do you know why your great sellers succeed and how to replicate that?

Mark has built businesses -- profitably -- in many industries, and over decades. His secret has always been understanding value, building it, and selling it so that customers love doing business with you. He’s built tools to help you do the same thing.

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Elevate Your Company—And Career—by Unleashing the Power Within Customer Centricity

We all want to be customer-focused, or customer centric…but most of us have struggled with how vague that term is, and how hard it is to measure success. Radical Value reveals that what you are really looking for at the core of customer centricity is to focus on customer-perceived value. Value can be measured in real time, tracked, coached and executed against.

Perceived value powers every customer decision: deciding to click on a link, agreeing to a sales call…to making a purchase. And the purpose of every company is to provide more value for customers than it cost them to produce. There is radical simplicity – and radical power – in examining all your company does through the lens of customer value.

When you focus your entire company — in radical depth and breadth —on value, you’ll uncover more winnable opportunities, win more business, and deepen customer relationships…all at more profitable win-win pricing.

Radical Value doesn’t stop at high-level theory, but provides intuitive, easy-to-implement tools that should integrate into your existing systems and workflows.


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“The core purpose of your business is to create more value than it costs you to produce.”

If value is at the core of your business, why are so few of your metrics and KPIs around understanding, building, selling, and pricing to customer-perceived value?
  • Never has it been more important to provide clarity on the value your customers receive from doing business with you. When you do, you: Sell more
  • Price more optimally…customers who know your value happily pay more with higher preference
  • Forecast more accurately
  • Introduce more compelling products
  • Have more defensible customer relationships


Aligning the organization around customer value:

Customer focus is nice, but how do you measure it? Customer value is the nugget within customer focus that actually wins the customers…and it’s measurable, trainable, trackable, and coachable. When value focus becomes a key component of your culture, every worker understands how their role contributes, and great things begin to happen

Value-focused selling culture:

Sales isn’t a department, it’s what your company accomplishes. Today’s companies (especially in tech) have many roles that touch your customer. The 30-year old advice to have most of your customer-facing roles “stay in your lane, do your job, and get back to the office” is outdated; you have people with high-trust relationships and access to parts of your customer that sales can’t even dream of…do you really want them putting blinders on?

Enabling the Culture:

Enablement is about changing values, processes, and mind-set to be of maximum value to your customer. There are training, coaching, content, and change management implications to implementing value focus successfully in your company. We can help.


"I can point to more than a handful of multi million dollar deals that were converted over the last several years utilizing methodologies taught to me and my team by Mark. Definitely give him a shout if you are looking to approach your business more surgically and experience an overall improvement in customer success."

- Matthew Cutone - Founder, President/CEO, Horizon Displays

"From having NO previous sales experience, I was in the top 5% of sales performers nationally in my first year, and #1 in year two. I owe Mark a huge debt of gratitude for both his coaching and teaching skills, and his totally genuine ongoing support and encouragement."

- Mary Borland - US Centralized Client Manager, American Express

"It took Mark just 60 seconds to inspire me to restructure my pricing! Mark is the real thing and look forward to helping him spread his message."

- Francisco X. Aguirre - Founder, The Office Pile


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Customer-perceived value drives all commercial activity, from deciding to click a link, to accepting a requested sales appointment, all the way to the final buying decision. We discuss uncovering value, developing value in a customer’s mind, selling value, and pricing to that value. Value Focus is a whole-company effort: Connect everyone in your organization to their role in creating and delivering customer value — in order to elevate your company’s performance...and your people’s careers.