Mark Boundy C-Suite Network Advisor Since November 2017

Growing your business from the customer in

Management & Leadership

Mark brings over three decades of sales, marketing, and corporate leadership experience to his clients all around the world.  His wide-ranging experience has given him a unique perspective on corporate leadership and strategy.

Thought leadership in the business community is abandoning “shareholder value” for “being customer centric”.  This is an important shift, but leaders need to know how to translate that ideal into processes, procedures and operational practices. Mark provides just that.

Customer focus is too general.  You can’t manage to “customer satisfaction” very well, because that’s an outcome; a trailing indicator.  Leaders who create corporate cultures centered on customer-perceived value will win in the long term, increase customer satisfaction, and yes, increase shareholder value.

Executing in this ideal requires simple tools and a common language of customer value throughout the organization.  Mark has tools, training, an upcoming book, and coaching skills on the subject.  His tools are used in combination with those of the Miller Heiman Group,  the world’s most successful sales performance improvement company in the business-to-business arena.  Implementing Miller Heiman Group’s world-class methodologies for customer management (available in almost  every country in the world, and in about 35 languages) in combination with value-centric tools that span sales, customer service, marketing, product development, engineering — every aspect of your company — gives a clearly marked path to being “customer value centered”.  Visit or contact Mark at, or 602.374.3020.