MariAnne Vanella C-Suite Network Advisor Since June 2018

Remote Relationship Management Expert

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So much business is conducted by phone in today’s world. From the C-Suite office to the front line in sales, your skillful use of remote interactions (phone, email, social media, tools) are a critical part of the equation. Mari Anne cracked the code on HOW to engage by phone and have a meaningful discussion at an executive level with the Telesales 2.0® Methodology. Her company, The Vanella Group, Inc. has been executing B2B outreach for some of the top enterprise tech firms for 18 years. The principles behind the formula empower can be applied to entire organization, especially the C-Suite.

Having remote relationships that convert to revenue isn’t something that happens on accident, it takes planning and understanding of the “Psychology of the Call.”  It takes critical thinking and understanding the nuances of communication to “be in the right place at the right time” and to orchestrate communication with remote prospects with precision.

Remote Relationship Management ™…..the secret sauce to engage and manage relationships with key stakeholders, clients, and prospects when you aren’t meeting with them in-person

REMOTE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT® is the modern methodology for remote communication. It’s the #1 most effective workflow and process for managing relationships when you aren’t in-person and much of your interaction is digital, video, phone, etc.

Mari Anne works with a broad scope of executives and organizations that all have something in common, they communicate and manage professional relationships remotely.

Who can benefit:

  • CEO, Startup Founder, or Enterprise Leader
  • Manage a Sales Team from 2-600 (or more)
  • Manage a large footprint of relationships over many regions
  • Need to create meaning with interactions as though you were in person
  • Have long sales cycles that you need to stay engaged beyond “just checking in…” emails

Results of our work:

  • Close business remotely
  • Learn how to manage relationships remotely for revenue growth
  • Create a system to stay in front of developments within key accounts
  • Diagnose why what you were doing then, isn’t working now
  • Understand the psychology of remote interactions
  • Increase the “stickiness” of relationships even when you aren’t in person
  • Create meaning with remote interactions

Mari Anne Vanella designed the Remote Relationship Management™ methodology to address the radical shift in selling and overall interactions with business contacts that’s happened in recent years. Teams travel less, have larger territories, and longer sales cycles….all of this leaves room for both internal and external relationships to fall apart before you realize something was wrong.  Business leaders need to understand these dynamics to be effective.

After more than two decades of C-Suite leadership and management of her organization, Mari Anne Anne has fine-tuned the Remote Relationship Management® methodology to solve what is often missing from managing relationships remotely, i.e. transforming the high value of in-person meetings, to creating high-vale remote interactions.

Her organization, The Vanella Group, Inc., has a client list that includes HP, Nokia, Hitachi, and many other enterprise technology and solution providers.

Today’s teams are now often distributed on both sides, yours and theirs. Ask yourself, how many times have you been on a conference call lately with several people, and everyone was located in a different state? It’s common today to find this, and more often than not, executives are managing large prospect and client bases with limited time and resources.

Mari Anne has spoken at Dreamforce several times on the topic of relationship management and the importance of precision.  She has written a best selling book (reached #1 on Amazon in it’s category) on cold calling executives. She has been featured on Selling Power, the Sales Lead Management Association, and Pipeliner Sales. Her company The Vanella Group, Inc. was recently named on the Silicon100 list.

Listen/Watch Mari Anne on CRM Radio, Sales Chats, and her Telesales 2.0™ Podcast