Are Your New Management and Technology Demands, Post Pandemic, Being Met?

Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

CLARITY is vision defined
ENABLEMENT is translating that vision to every employee.
PERFORMANCE is the measurement of a well defined and communicated vision.

#1 Bestselling Author | Nationally Recognized Authority Helping Leaders Adapt and Thrive!

Lisa L. Levy is the Founder and CEO of Lcubed Consulting, a business that helps enterprise to medium level organizations elevate through strategic goal achievement. She and her team teach the practice of rapid adaptive transformation to notable global, multi-billion-dollar clients. Lisa is a frequent guest expert on multiple media outlets, and speaker at business executive conferences.

My Give To You...

Future Proofing Cubed Free Excerpt

For companies who’ve embraced new opportunities only to lose money through inefficiency, mismanagement and misinformed decision-making, Lisa Levy knows there is a better way. Lcubed Consulting is her invention and Future Proofing Cubed: The Definitive Guide to Improving Productivity, Refining Processes, and Bolstering Profitability is the companion. Providing everything you need to know about why processes work and don’t and when they are most needed, Levy has written in a clear, concise voice about the intricacies of effective project management and how to systematize successfully while interweaving personal stories of climbing the ladder leaning against the wrong building, trusting too much and finally finding her voice and calling. Chock full of case studies from elite executives sharing the moments when the wheels fell off the process wagon, Future Proofing Cubed is the go-to resource when upscaling or downscaling, onboarding monster projects and expanding offerings.



About Lcubed Consulting

Who We are

Established in 2009, Lcubed focuses aligning our client's people, processes and technology. Working with a collaborative group of alliance partners, we bring the appropriate experience and subject matter experts to each engagement.

What We Do

Lcubed utilizes a blend of best practices and methodologies from various industries. We provide strategic clarity and team enablement to deliver results. This approach helps companies exceed business objectives by optimizing processes and aligning culture, while fostering creativity and innovation. Non-proprietary solutions ensure your teams are enabled to perform independently without intensive Lcubed engagement. Each facet builds the foundation for long-term success—connecting vision to daily activity.

How We Help

Each engagement is designed for your unique needs. An initial discovery will help us understand your specific requirements so we can provide a meaningful solution. Click below to schedule an introductory call.


Adaptive Transformation

Adaptive Transformation is a series of agile processes that effectively changes corporate structure and culture, allowing the company to evolve and thrive amidst disruptive market forces.

Strategic Governance

Work within your organization supporting teams to execute strategy. Measure and fine-tune organizational maturity to increase adoption.

Technology Strategy

Understand the business priorities to align technology with desired outcomes. Identify the best people and technology solutions to address priorities, optimize IT and continuously improve.

Project Portfolio Management

Prioritize and align projects with corporate strategy. Empower cross-functional teams to increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organization. Provide enhanced probability of success and means to measure schedule, scope, quality and cost. Create consistent experiences and set standards for project delivery.

Organizational Change Management

Establish the road-map and method to transform quickly, with powerful results. Structure addresses the people component to increase adoption and achieve results.

Business Process Management

Improve process performance and alignment with organizational objectives. Focus on effective and efficient operations while identifying internal controls to mitigate risk.


"Lisa in three words “Swiss Army Knife” of Project/Program/Portfolio Management and with equal balance of Strategy Integration and Process Management. She is a highly driven and intelligent individual with a commitment to excellence. Lisa’s Competence, Accountability, Integrity, Loyalty and Professionalism make her a valuable asset to any organization. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Lisa!"


"Lisa is a no-nonsense get the work done type consultant. She is results oriented with the experience and knowledge to work on both strategy and execution. If you are looking for support with a tough project on a tight timeline, Lisa can help."

-Andrea L, VP Operations

"Lisa's management skills make her an asset to every team with which she worked. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to cut through the unnecessary and concentrate on the essential."

- C. Lee B, Executive Advisor