Karen Kennedy C-Suite Network Advisor Since November 2017

Science Based People Whisperer; Growth Expert & Workforce Optimizer



Karen is a business growth expert, with vast expertise in Sales Team Transformations. She spent 25-years in the C-Suite at Hewlett-Packard, Dun & Bradstreet, Unisys, and Compaq, where she consistently delivered on quota up to $6.2 Billion and annual growth rates of 20-35%. How did she do it? By being a Science Based People Whisperer, always having the best person in each role. Karen was an internal practitioner of the Predictive Index, a solution set of scientifically validated assessments. In 2015 Karen launched Insights To Growth, a consulting company based on finding the best person for each role. Her team works with companies of all sizes, optimizing their workforce by using a Job Assessment, a Behavioral Assessment and a Cognitive Assessment. With these tools, we decode humans and your ability to hire, inspire and engage is tremendous. Grow your company by #RightPlanRightPeople