John Lopez, PhD C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2020

Elevate Cultural Competence to Enhance Organizational Capacity

Business Culture

John Lopez, PhD, is author of the Amazon bestselling book titled “An Immigrant in the C-Suite: From the Journey, Lessons for the Business Community.” Topics include immigrants’ lenses of cultural dynamics and journey to the C-Suite, and identifying and embracing talent of all ethnicity in an increasingly global, diverse workforce. Lopez develops a model which consists of 4 levels and 20 activities organizations can implement to increase cultural competence and productivity between and among teams, and diverse/immigrant leaders can accomplish to prepare for or excel in C-Suite positions.

Dr. Lopez has over two decades of successful thought-leadership, strategic and operational management, and public policy experience as chief administrative officer and multiple vice president positions at higher education institutions, nonprofit, public, private, for-profit and publicly traded organizations. He has developed and managed programs for underrepresented students, mentored diverse students engaged in academic and industry research projects, and served on several diversity teams and councils. John immigrated to the United States as a young child, served in the U.S. Navy, and holds dual U.S. and Belizean citizenship.

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