Jennifer Ledet C-Suite Network Advisor Since January 2018

Cajun-spiced Executive Leadership Expert, People Problem Solver, and Team Results Catalyst


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  1. You’re thinking about taking up macramé just to get through your unbearably boring team meetings. CAUTION: This is a symptom of group-think and leads to disaster.
  2. Trying to determine who’s responsible for an action item is like an Abbott and Costello routine. WARNING: This proves there is no accountability amongst team members.
  3. When someone asks how your team is doing, your response is always “Fine.” NEWSFLASH: Fine is the new Sucks. Fine won’t take your business to the next level.

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

I solve people problems for organizations like yours every day.

I’ll help you to cut through the BS, also known as silos, politics, and competition between team members, so you can achieve greater results in less time.

I work with leaders individually, I work with teams as a whole, I work with the leaders and teams together. No consultant speak. No fluffy exercises. Just practical strategies…with some Cajun spice. Born and raised along the bayous of South Louisiana, I’ve found that a little Cajun wisdom brings new seasoning to time-tested success principles. We call this “lagniappe” or something a little extra that makes all the difference.

My programs focus on mastering communication, inspiring real teamwork, and amping individual influence to impact the bottom line.

If you want an engaging keynote speaker, a skilled facilitator, a lively workshop leader, or an experienced leadership mentor, contact me for a complimentary 20-minute call and we’ll identify your greatest needs and how we can best solve your people problems.

My basic principles are captured in my book Lead, Follow or Get Me the Hot Sauce and have inspired me as a speaker at conferences and events. Today I am one of only four Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) in the state of Louisiana as recognized by the National Speakers Association. I’m also a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, a Certified Structured Facilitation Professional, and a certified Master Trainer, and I guess that pretty much means that I’m certifiable too!

After overseeing hundreds of employees as a Human Resources Director, as well as a consultant who has worked with sales, service, and operations teams in the oil and gas, manufacturing, financial, and professional services industries, (to name a few) I am convinced that every organization’s sustainability and profitability hinges on leadership and team success.

And finally, I’m passionate about crawfish, chocolate, wine, and Gumbeaux – my golden retriever puppy.