Jennifer Fondrevay C-Suite Network Advisor Since Dec. 2018

Jennifer J Fondrevay, Chief Humanity Officer and Founder of Day1 Ready M&A consultancy

Business Culture

Marketing campaigns that don’t just “sell you” — but that “get you.” For 25 years, Jennifer guided marketing initiatives for companies big and small, including Fortune 500 and tech startups. From Coors, Cadbury, Kraft, and Walmart to Nestle, Nokia and NAVTEQ, she delivered global campaigns that attracted, engaged and created loyal customers.

Today Jennifer leverages her expertise in creating connection by advising organizations and leaders on how to excel during a transition by creating an exceptional employee experience. She applies the strategies she used to help billion-dollar brands connect with their users into techniques that companies can employ to engage with and show respect for their employees.

The “survivor” of three multi-billion-dollar acquisitions, Jennifer saw countless growth strategies fail due to a workforce that couldn’t pivot and adapt because they were not connected with the company’s changing purpose.  When her Harvard Business Review (HBR) article, After a Merger, Don’t Let “Us vs. Them” Thinking Ruin the Company went viral (10,000+), Jennifer demonstrated the power and interest in a human-centric approach to business transformation, where employees are at the heart of the change, not on the sidelines.

Jennifer is the founder of Day1 Ready™, an M&A consultancy and the author of NOW WHAT? A Survivor’s Guide for Thriving Through Acquisition (9/19 pub), a playbook that builds on 2 ½ years of interviews with 65 M&A practitioners and survivors alike.  She shares her expertise as a contributor to Forbes, HBR, Medium, Middle Market Growth and Thrive, and as a frequent Ignite and DisruptHR speaker.

Jennifer is a strategic business advisor, helping forward-thinking CEO’s and business executives to:

– identify and solve for the people challenges resulting from business transformation

– create an exceptional employee experience for maximum engagement & commitment

– accelerate a workforce’s productivity by redefining their Day1


Jennifer offers a full range of services, including:

– Keynote presentations

– Executive Workshops

– Workforce Workshops

– M&A Consulting Services