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Meet Jeffrey

Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, and business podcast host All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett on C-Suite Radio. He is a global business celebrity, speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman of C-Suite Network, home of the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders.

Hayzlett is a well-traveled public speaker, former Fortune 100 CMO, and author of numerous best-selling business books including The Hero Factor; How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures, Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless, Running the Gauntlet, and The Mirror Test.

Hayzlett is one of the most compelling figures in business today and is in five business hall of fames including Speaker Hall of Fame, Sales and Marketing Executives, Business Marketing Hall of Fame, Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and the Industry Award of Distinction from the National Association of Quick Printers.

As a leading business expert, Hayzlett is frequently cited in Forbes, SUCCESS, Mashable, Marketing Week, and Chief Executive, among many others. He shares his executive insight and commentary on television networks like Bloomberg, MSNBC, Fox Business, and C-Suite TV. Hayzlett is a former Bloomberg contributing editor and primetime host and has appeared as a guest celebrity judge on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump for three seasons.

He is a turnaround architect of the highest order, a maverick marketer and c-suite executive who delivers scalable campaigns, embraces traditional modes of customer engagement, and possesses a remarkable cachet of mentorship, corporate governance, and brand building.

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The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures

It’s not profit over people that will make your business successful―it’s when you combine people and profits that you become A HERO LEADER.

Today’s leaders need to engage, connect with, listen to, and include their employees and customers in the conversation surrounding the business. The Hero Factor discusses the importance of a strong company culture as the backbone of any successful business. Companies with leadership that dismiss the importance of transparency in today’s world are more likely to be called out for not living up to the mission statements on their websites.

Dive in and learn how to implement the traits that will help them become a hero entrepreneur, change their organization, live their values, and create a winning culture where they:

• Invest in people as a path to more inclusion
• Recast the role of business leadership beyond politics
• Serve others/the common good
• Avoid failure, reasons why not, and the lure of the dark side when things get tough
• Know the line between hero and martyr
• Create the next generation of hero leaders

About C-Suite Network

c-suite network

C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders, with a focus on providing growth, development, and networking opportunities for business executives with titles of vice president and above.

The C-Suite Network’s mission is to provide a peer community, networking events, relevant content, and services to support c-level executives and other entrepreneurs achieve professional success.

C-Suite Network offers invitation-only events as well as custom-tailored content through all its entities: C-Suite TV, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite Book Club, and C-Suite Network Advisors ™ .


C-Suite TV:

C-Suite TV is a web-based digital on-demand business channel featuring interviews and shows with business executives, thought leaders, authors, and celebrities providing news and information for business leaders. C-Suite TV is your go-to resource to find out the inside track on trends and discussions taking place in businesses today. This online channel will be home to such shows as C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Best Seller TV, and Executive Perspectives LIVE with more shows to come. Air your show today.

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C-Suite Radio is home to the fastest-growing business podcast network. Hosted by C-Suite leaders, thought leaders, and innovators, our shows take listeners on a thought-provoking journey to explore the challenges, successes, and failures of highly influential business executives. Schedule a meeting to get your podcast aired today.

C-Suite Book Club:

Read from the Best in Business. C-Suite Book Club is the best business book club available in the market today. Choose from the greatest New York Times Best Selling authors for impeccable reads from business to leadership, entrepreneurship, and sales. Get your book listed.

C-Suite Network Advisors™:

The greatest mix of consultants, speakers, authors, podcasters, TV Contributors, trainers, and coaches serving the c-suite, these advisors are each notable in their field of expertise. They are the support system meshed behind the strongest C-Level Executives in the world as these professionals offer a range of opportunities from 1-on-1 consults to entire team building environments. Become an advisor today.


"I’ve been involved in the C-Suite Network for about four years, and it’s helped me grow my business. Besides the great connections and friendships, the network has provided great resources for me to broaden my reach and expand my media footprint.”

- Mark Boundy

“I was fortunate to be at the first C-Suite Network Event in Dallas, Texas. Jeffrey had invited me to attend after we talked about my book coming out. Once I went to the event, I was hooked. I am so inspired by the people who make up C-Suite Network. Jeffrey inspires me just through conversations. When he talks, there’s no doubt that he believes in you, and it’s not even on his radar that you won’t succeed. The people in C-Suite Network are quality people. they are true, they want to help, and they are there to build relationships. I have changed my career because of the exposure to the amazing people in C-Suite.”

- Dana Pope

“Jeffrey Hayzlett has a generous spirit for leading and mentoring entrepreneurs and business owners. His expertise and intellect span the gamut of all areas and beyond C-Suite executive roles and responsibilities. He generously shares his insights and expertise with those around him and always genuinely celebrates the success of others.”

- Cindy Tschosik


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C-Suite Radio

About All Business with Jeffrey Hayzlett

From Main Street to Wall Street, global business celebrity and former Fortune 100 C-Suite executive, Jeffrey Hayzlett, brings you insights from today’s biggest headline makers. Listen in as Hayzlett, goes inside the good, bad and ugly of recent business results. It’s ALL BUSINESS with Jeffrey Hayzlett.