Jay Tenenbaum C-Suite Network Advisor Since April 2020

Co-Host of "The Real Estate Mastermind" Podcast, Real Estate Investor and Nationally Recognized Expert on Discounted Notes



Passive Real Estate investors entrust our private equity firm, Scottsdale Real Estate Investments, with their capital to provide passive income and appreciation through single family rental acquisitions.

Active real estate investors tune in to our podcast “The Real Estate Mastermind” and join our educational platform to learn how to creatively purchase and profit from real estate.

Our disruptive cloud based platform REI Blade slices and dices through application clutter providing a single environment to acquire assets, analyze opportunity, fund projects, communicate with and manage investors, determine asset performance and bring together buyers, sellers and real estate professionals to facilitate real estate transactions in multiple asset classes.

Jay is a twenty year legal veteran in the debt collection arena and specializes in negotiations involving loan modifications and successful workouts, He is a nationally recognized expert in discounted real estate investing and has particular expertise in discounted mortgage notes. Jay speaks regularly at investment conferences across the country on these topics.