Jacqueline Jasionowski C-Suite Network Advisor Since December 2017

Conscious-based Coach and Disruptor Empowering the Automotive Industry


You run your dealership like it’s 1985 and you wonder why your market share is taking a dive. You know you need help and that process improvements alone can’t solve your problem.
Sound familiar? Automotive manufacturers are losing customers to car sharing, brokers and the likes of every Uber, Lyft and Juno option out there.
Deep down, we know that happier employees sell more cars and happier customers buy more cars – but rarely do we invest in our people. The industry is at a pivotal point where focusing on the numbers will no longer drive the business toward success.
How do you form better connections with your direct reports, your leaders and your customers? Your teams require a transformational inside – out experience to make this critical shift. It requires a change in consciousness resulting from learning the tools to keep you in the moment.
Jacqueline’s first love is automotive. After 17+ years in Human Resources, Customer Experience and Executive Coaching in corporate for a prestigious luxury brand, Jacqueline left and founded Luxtrinsic to inspire your employees to create a mindset of awareness using conscious-based tools.
Jacqueline uses employee interviews, coaching sessions, compelling storytelling and emotional connections resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty. Her industry knowledge and willingness to get in the trenches brings value to any dealership or corporation she visits. Jacqueline is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Energy Leadership Practitioner from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and a C-Suite Network Advisor.