Ivor Lok ( People & Teams) C-Suite Network Advisor Since Dec. 2018

Team Dynamics Specialist



“It’s not the people we hire, not the visions we have or the goals we set.
How well people LEARN TO work together is what ultimately determines the success of any organization.”
~ Dan Stones & Ivor Lok | Co Creators of Shifting Peers ~

Ivor Lok & Dan Stones are Collaboration & Team Dynamic Specialists with a passion for helping people work better together. Their unique approach to team development has been the catalyst for launching, reviving, and catapulting the performance of teams all over the world. They also understand, that although most employees have learnt to be amazing at doing their jobs, they lack the basic skills of how to work best together.

Ivor Lok partnered with Dan and together they evolved Shifting Peers into its current form. The synergy they share is a testament to the same model which they now teach and their willingness to collaborate and embrace each other’s strengths now form the backbone of the organization.

After seeking change in his own life and experiencing a transformational shift of psychology, Ivor Lok became a licensed Bob Proctor Presenter and also a Peak Performance Results Coach for Tony Robbins, where he still coaches Tony’s Master Elite and Platinum Partner clients.

Ivor specializes in shifting people’s personal psychology and guiding them to take action beyond their comfort zone. With a wealth of experience and an engineering mind, Ivor works closely with team members to logically develop the personal strategies required to provide teams with their best chance of success. With over ten thousand coaching sessions and affecting change in hundreds of individuals, Ivor is truly living his purpose.

Together they take a holistic view of team performance, knowing that teams can only be successful when a healthy culture exists for each team in the organization, one which leverages the unique perspectives, strengths and expectations of every team member.

After a sudden change in business ownership forced Dan Stones to step out of corporate life, he took time out to reflect on almost two decades of experience in the FinTech & Logistics space where he was responsible for building, studying and leading hundreds of teams all over the world.

During this time off, his fascination and passion for team dynamics helped Dan to uncover some remarkable patterns about how the fortunes of both the strongest and weakest organizations were dependent not so much on the leadership of those organizations, but more so on how people thought, acted and communicated with one another in teams. On the back of these discoveries, Dan created his own proprietary team development model, Winning With Culture: 3 Essential Keys to Team Success and lead to him creating Shifting Peers.

Dan and Ivor have quickly established themselves as go-to authorities on team dynamics and collaboration helping businesses, communities and sporting teams to develop deeper, more productive relationships between team members, business leaders and customers alike. Working across a broad range of industries and with clients on three different continents, Shifting Peers delivers in-house workshops, live training events and team coaching programs to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Shifting Peers is now leading a movement to challenge & inspire people all over the world to work better together.

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