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Personal Development

Esateys Stuchiner is an International Life Changing Motivational Speaker, an Author, Transformation Expert, Visionary, Life Coach and Master Facilitator. She is an expert in the Human Condition.  She is also a Nationally Licensed and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 Years she has been Speaking, Teaching and Motivating a Diverse Clientele about navigating the confusion, self doubt and programs that keep them from achieving their full potential. Esateys core teachings are universal and are easily adapted to creating a lasting solution for all different life issues. She is able to effectively speak to a wide range of individuals including Corporate Executives, Parents, Couples and Entrepreneurs.  She hosts the most Amazing Life Transforming Retreats.

Esateys is the Co-Founder at World Wide Game Changers where she works with an invited Elite Group of Successful Clients who know on some level that they are Worldwide Game Changers who want something more in their lives and in the world and will do whatever it takes to fulfill their desire. Her clients want to effect positive and long-lasting change in their Inner and Outer World.