Eric L. Mitchell C-Suite Network Advisor Since August 2020

Eric Mitchell


Eric Mitchell didn’t begin his career as a media personality or a marketing expert. But the drive that has propelled him since his days as a U.S. Marine has taken him to the helm of LifeFlip Media, as well as his own broadcast show, To The Point, which is now syndicated to an audience of more than 60 million daily viewers via the C-Suite Network & BizTv


As an on- and off-line talent who’s built his career from the ground, Eric is a leading resource for major brands, celebrities, and athletes as well as incoming clients who are just beginning their media journey. Eric’s goal is always the same – to increase media visibility and grow the overall brand of his clients large and small.


Eric has invested years in building relationships with the who’s who of media. Clients who work with Eric regard him as a vital member of the media strategy team. His drive and work ethic, according to all who know him, is unmatched.


Eric represents influencers, athletes, and lifestyle brands, helping them to benefit from all he has learned as a political/ lifestyle/ military voice: the keys to effective media are storytelling and connection. Knowing that every brand has its own direction and niche, Eric’s goal is to help his clients pinpoint their targets, identify markets, maximize their budget and effectively tell their stories to the people who want to engage.

In his free time (when there is any), Eric loves spending time with family and friends and attending his children’s sporting events. He’s an avid fan of the Portland Trailblazers and enjoys traveling the globe. Eric’s friends will tell you that he loves to laugh and have fun. While he takes pride in his work, his driving force is to give his family the best and most meaningful life possible. And he has an extremely soft place in his heart for fellow Veterans and most especially, for his fellow Marines.