Dr. Rachel MK Headley C-Suite Network Advisor Since August 2016

Culture & Leadership Expert | TEDx Speaker | Hero Club | Forbes Coaches Council

Business Culture


You plan well. You understand your industry. You’ve hired the best people. But, for some reason, the team isn’t hitting targets, project aren’t delivered on time, revenue lags.

We can help. Our IP is around assessing Culture Types in your organization. Once we sort that out, we can strategically connect cultural & team development to processes and deliverables. We have supported the rollout of new frameworks and governance, resolved barriers between teams, and created high-performing teams that achieved milestones early, reduced cost, and reached goals that were even beyond the aspirational visions of leadership.

We bring an external perspective and say things that need to be said to move the organization forward. We tackle awkward conversations that bring out long-held frustrations. We create an environment of accountability and trust, where people can resolve issues immediately, offer up new ideas, and begin to push your organization forward with renewed enthusiasm.

I bring a methodical and razor-sharp intellect to solve problems that suit your organization, your ideal culture, and business goals. I enjoy a good challenge (bring it!) and has over two decades of experience leading complex and ground-breaking achievements, managing big projects, and uniting diverse stakeholders.

I have led and managed teams for over 20 years. I am a Mensa PhD scientist, a certified Project Management Professional, a global citizen, a choral singer, and an art patroness. My great-grandfather homesteaded in South Dakota, and I spent the formative years of my life on a small family farm. I find beauty in the prairie, its big sky, and its people.