Deb Krier C-Suite Network Advisor Since October 2020

LinkedIn for C-Suite Strategist

Best Practices

With more than 25 years of experience, Deb Krier is a Professional Connector with information, knowledge, and resources to help people become more successful in business…and in life. She’s a LinkedIn Strategist, specializing in working with C-Level professionals to elevate their personal brand. More and more, LinkedIn is utilized as a way for busy professionals to connect and build their networks – worldwide. This is especially true of C-level professionals and business owners. It’s a way for them to differentiate themselves from “their company”, allowing them to showcase their own personal brand and become thought leaders. But this only happens with a fully optimized LinkedIn Profile and strategy.

Since 2011, with more than 650 podcasts, Deb has hosted The Business Power Hour®. She absolutely loves talking with her guests about a variety of business topics. Her primary goal for the program is to give professionals the tools they need to make themselves and their businesses as successful as possible.

Deb is president of Wise Women Communications, LLC, a full-service marketing and public relations firm. She has an MS in Communications Management and an MBA in Business Management.