David Discenza C-Suite Network Advisor Since September 2017

David Discenza ABCI, CBCP - The Master of Disaster Preparedness

Processes & Infrastructure


David Discenza, CBCP

WHAT I DO: I work with business leaders to improve and protect the resilience of their business against threats to their operations that could prove to be catastrophic or fatal.

HOW I DO IT: I help business leaders determine what parts of the business are at risk for loss (i.e. facilities, supply chain, data) and then create a plan to help prevent their complete loss and to restore them as quickly as possible.

WHY IT WORKS: Imagine trying to drive across the country without a map of any kind. You may get there but probably not by the most efficient route and with several detours and dead ends along the way. The plans I create are the roadmap a company needs to restore their operations back to normal quickly and in the most efficient, cost-effective way.