Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz C-Suite Network Advisor Since April 2021

Laundromat Millionaire

Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Dave “Laundromat Millionaire” Menz is a passionate Entrepreneur,
Husband, and Dad from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the owner of the Queen
City Laundry Chain of Laundromats, Host of the Laundromat Millionaire Business Podcast, Laundromat Industry Coach, and author of the book Laundromat Millionaire.(to be released in late 2021)

What makes Dave unique is the path he took to achieve his success. From
poverty, to a corporate career, to taking the plunge into business and
turning a struggling laundromat (that he bought off of Craigslist) into
a cash-flowing multi-million dollar asset, Dave’s journey was anything
but typical. In 2016, he parlayed his wealth of laundry experience into a
new venture in the booming Laundry Pickup Delivery segment under the
HappyNest brand.

Having fine tuned his operations over a decade, surrounded by his
Rockstar team, Dave is obsessively driven to help, teach and inspire others
while elevating the laundromat industry to a whole new level through
networking, service and collaboration.