Dana Pope C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2017

Cost Remediation; Enhancing Profitability. Writer/Blogger on Miscommunication.



Dana Pope is a Senior Advisor with Stryde Solutions. Dana Pope and her team work with clients on a national level to identify Specialized Tax Incentives, Expense Reduction, and Financial enhancement opportunities.

Stryde Solutions has identified greater than $4 Billion in benefits for businesses and business owners like you. Stryde offers the one opportunity that EVERY business owner is looking for – enhanced profit margins.

Dana Pope is a professional speaker along with being a published writer and published songwriter and in-depth researcher. She writes about the cultural and social implications of the changing of the definitions of words.

She is a philologist as in Webster’s original definition, “Primarily, a love of words, or a desire to know the origin and construction of language; in a more general sense.” Her attitude is “There’s always something to learn.”

She also does freelance writing, editing, research, and proofreading.

Dana serves on the Decision Making Team of the C-Suite Manufacturing Council.