Dana Pope C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2017

Author, Speaker, Creator of Business Systems

Small Business & Entrepreneurship


Dana Pope is a professional speaker along with being a published writer and published songwriter. She writes about the cultural and social implications from the changing of definitions.

She is a philologist as in Webster’s original definition, “Primarily, a love of words, or a desire to know the origin and construction of language; in a more general sense.” Driven by the need to learn, Dana read the dictionary and The World Book Encyclopedia when she was a teenager. Her attitude is “There’s always something to learn.”

Dana Pope is a creator of business systems for start-up companies and companies that need a turn around. This is accomplished by working with businesses on their distribution process, financial planning, trend analysis, inventory flow, along with management and employee practices, to improve gross margin. She attributes network marketing as providing the knowledge needed for success.