Dan Stones C-Suite Network Advisor Since Dec. 2018

Team Dynamics Specialist

Business Culture


“It’s not the people we hire, not the visions we have or the goals we set.

How well people LEARN TO work together is what ultimately determines the success of any organization.”
~ Dan Stones | Founder & Co Creator of Shifting Peers ~


Daniel Stones is the founder and co-creator of Shifting Peers, a training and advisory company that helps business leaders build dynamic teams and thriving cultures.

Earlier in his career, Daniel spent nearly two decades travelling the world as a solutions architect and general manager. In those roles, he was responsible for building, integrating and leading over a thousand different teams on projects and collaborative partnerships that spanned a dizzying array of companies, industries, people and cultures.

Continuously challenged to study, experiment and refine his approach to building teams and managing team culture, Daniel knows all too well that no two teams are alike and while none are perfect, some are a lot less perfect than others!

Through it all, Daniel’s deep passion for collaboration and wanting to work better with others continues to grow.

Today, he travels the world speaking, training and recruiting businesses to join his mission of teaching the world how to work better together, so everyone, regardless of title or paygrade, gets the chance to grow, contribute and know they matter in this world.