Dan Elliott C-Suite Network Advisor Since 2016

Managing Director

Management & Leadership


In 30 plus years of working with small and medium size business owners and senior executives all over the United States, I have heard business leaders express a lot of frustrations about their business and their employees – much like those expressed here.

Wouldn’t it be great if…

… everyone in the company, from the highest level to the lowest part-time employee understood our top 3 goals?

… we all understood why our customers should come to us rather than our competitors?

… our people worked together to serve our customers rather than working in silos?

… I was clear about what the company needed to succeed, making me more confident to say yes to the right stuff and more comfortable    saying no to the wrong stuff?

… we could shake things up and do things differently around here?

… there was an easy to implement and use system for hitting our goals?

At E3 Strategy Development we are focused on two distinct, yet overlapping, groups of business owners and executives.  First, we help business owners and executives take back control of their company (instead of the business controlling them) while improving their relationships with their employees, suppliers, vendors and, most importantly, their customers.  We combine this with re-energized strategies to stimulate new growth and sustained and growing profits.

Secondly, we work with owners and founders who are looking to exit their company and understand that how they exit is as important as how they started the company.  We help these owners not only maximize the value they receive but, as importantly, we help prepare the business for transition, make it attractive to buyers or successors and avoid the deal killers that can inevitably ruin it all.