In the post pandemic economy - how does a philosophical approach to operational tactics improve performance?

Meet Cristina

Meet Cristina

✪ 3,500 Years of Experience ✪

Cristina DiGiacomo had a successful, award-winning, twenty-year corporate and agency career in client engagement, strategy, and management roles at companies like The New York Times, Citigroup, AMC Networks, and R/GA. Her agency clients included SC Johnson, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, The Travel Channel, Rogers Communications, Essence Magazine, Sony, and L'Oreal.

She began studying Philosophy at The School of Practical Philosophy ten years ago, applying the ideas of the greatest thinkers of all time - spanning "3500 years" of knowledge and insight. She holds an M.S. in Organizational Change Management from The New School, enhancing her understanding of the impact and importance of change.

She has been featured in Global Trade Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, The Young Upstarts, and was interviewed by Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, Authority Magazine. She has upcoming features for Costco Connection, CEOWorld Magazine, and Flagstaff Business News.

Her book “Wise Up! At Work” was a #1 Best-seller on Amazon for Modern Philosophy and a #1 New Release, and a Best-seller, in Business Management Skills. She has a podcast “Wise Up! With Cristina” where she interviews leaders about the issues facing business today.

Her success is measured by the skills she provides to access the wisdom of great thinkers to benefit everyday tasks and strategic thinking.

Wise Up! At Work - Get Your Free Book Excerpt

“This book is an up-to-the-minute guide for adopting classic philosophical strategies to today's emerging business landscape. If you want to develop a cohesive plan to position your business or simply navigate intracorporate obstacles, you'd be well-advised to read this book. A wealth of relevant quotes earns this book a prominent place on my bookshelf.” - William Holding

“Cristina’s book provides a series of simple and effective ways to help us focus on what needs to be done, ignore the distractions, reduce the feelings of overwhelm, and find our focus amidst the chaos. It’s a book that reminds us to go back to the basics … with a twist.” - Jeffrey Hayzlett

Wise Up At Work

#1 Bestseller in Modern Philosophy, Best Seller in Management Skills

#1 New Release in Management Skills and Modern Philosophy


About MorAlchemy


Get timeless ideas for challenging times.

We're in a colossal shift with a relentless ripple effect - ideologically, culturally, organizationally, personally. Something major is happening, and I'm here to support you through that, bringing "3500 years of experience" and history of how we've risen above this before. As a Practical Philosopher, I work with business leaders and teams who have to tackle big challenges and use philosophy to teach them how to look at things differently, so they find unique solutions and deeper engagement, so their companies thrive. Working with me people experience new inspiration with their work, reconnect to the reason for what they do, and grow beyond the adversity they face.


What is a Leader’s Best Kept Secret?

Steve Jobs built Apple with it.
Elon Musk grew Tesla with it.
Reed Hastings leads by it.
George Soros and Peter Thiel studied it.

What is this thing that's an industry best-kept secret? It’s Philosophy.

If you want to lead the way these people do, unlock the philosopher in you.

“Unlock The Philosopher in You” gives you, and your teams, the opportunity to think in a new way. So you can adapt to shifting circumstances, be more creative, and handle adversity.

Using the ideas and concepts of the greatest minds of all time, you and your teams will learn a back to basics approach with a twist. See below how philosophy can work for you.

Philosophy for Leaders

Leverage the strength of the great thinkers to help you get a better perspective on the things impacting your decisions in this in-depth one on one session.


  • Learn your "Philosopher Type
  • Practical ways to lead according to your Philosopher Type
  • Strategy and solutions for acute challenges using your Philosopher Type
  • Copy of Wise Up! At Work book


Philosophy For Teams

Give teams a blue ocean opportunity and a new perspective they may not have been trained to develop, so they generate fresh outcomes to the work they do every day.

Included for all participants:

  • Learn their “Philosopher Type”
  • Understand practical ways to work effectively according to their Philosopher Type
  • 30-minute individual coaching sessions (for up to 5 team members)
  • Copy of Wise Up! Work book



"Unique, fun and appealed to our audience!"

- Christine Tournabene, Director Business Analysis, 2U›

"A pioneer!"

- Gina Lepore, Founder, MACH4

"Engagement AND performance!"

- Jeff Loehr, CMO, Red Sapiens


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C-Suite Radio

About The Wise Up! Podcast

“Where Philosophy Meets Business” - In this world of doing, it's important to stop, think, and apply a little wisdom. Wisdom is everywhere in our lives and in our work, waiting to be noticed and used. For the intellectually curious business-minded, "Wise Up!" is an exploration of what happens when leaders stop, think, and act wisely. It's about the principles that guide us and how we can apply them to lead and change the world.