Carolina M. Billings – Powerful Women Today C-Suite Network Advisor Since June 2019

Championing and Empowering Women's Emotional and Financial Independence

Management & Leadership

At Powerful Women Today, our Mission is to bring together empowered women, to champion women on the rise,  and help more women business owners and women industry leaders succeed. We are especially focused on growth, supporting and helping each other to have more rewarding relationships, to find self-fulfillment and strengthen our global impact.

Powerful Women Today’s brand promise is to create new ways for women to create abundance and success by increasing their economic impact with a shared commitment to end poverty, violence and abuse for Women. Our philanthropic foundation ensures that 10% of all profits earned throughout our operations is directed to End Violence and Abuse against women and children.

As a result we are a social enterprise that in addition to working with individuals, creates close relationships with enterprises, other organizations, government and other statutory bodies to provide enterprising solutions to the challenges faced by women.  

As a consultancy of women experts and knowledge sharing enterprise 

our goal is to help improve the status of women.

We have an elite team of women focused experts and peer mentors that span Financial, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Physical, Health and Spiritual realms and personal and professional skill development. Our membership based programs are designed to evaluate and serve businesses at their particular stage of growth.

Are you ready to change the world? Join us.

Visit our website for a full list of ways to take action and be the force of change for women leadership at

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