Do you have a unique approach to hunting enterprise level deals? If not, you will lose to your big competitors every time.

Meet Carajane

Carajane Moore is President at Hunt Big Sales, a 2x best-selling author of “Life After the Death of Selling” and “How to Sell In Place,'' and a Women in Business award winner.
Her varied experiences as a fast-track person in the sales environment have included direct sales, sales training, sales management, team sales, outside and inside sales, and entrepreneurial sales at the over $10 million plus level.
As President and Partner, not only has she guided Hunt Big Sales and launched vital operational and structural changes to the business, but she has also educated key clients on how to double and triple the size of their companies.
Her firm has helped clients land over $18 billion in new business. It has paved new ground using the “hunt” approach in industries such as medical devices, telecommunications, technology, real estate, aviation, and construction.
Companies that work with Hunt Big Sales can expect to double their size in less than 3 years.

“The Hunt Big Sales Culture is imbued with passion, and our consultants are bold, competitive, and love to win. We not only desire to see others win, we desire to help make it happen.” – Carajane Moore

You can read more here about her recognition as a ‘Leading Women in Business,’ featured in “O, The Oprah Magazine,” “Entrepreneur,” “Fortune,” and “Forbes” magazines:

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About Hunt Big Sales

Our mission is to help the David’s beat the Goliath’s in large account sales by teaching small to midsize companies how to land enterprise level deals that provide their companies with transformational growth. Our focus is traditionally on companies in the $10-100M range.

Frequently we engage with CEO’s that are unhappy with their current growth rate, or when their company is losing to larger competition on enterprise level deals.

We deliver a proven replicable process to filter target companies and reach the higher-level buyer.

It’s a scalable, replicable and transparent sales process for closing large accounts.

We teach a multitouch peer-to-peer approach for working through the buyer’s process, while establishing a system to hunt and land larger business within current accounts.

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A sustainable client acquisition program:
  • Provide a scalable and replicable system to hunt and land large deals consistently.
Coaching for senior executives and enterprise-level salespeople:
  • Provide On-demand deal coaching from an experienced team that has helped land over $18B in new sales.
The tools needed to hunt, not farm:
  • Provide online programs and digital tools to increase your sales team’s skills with executive level buyers.


"Hunt Big Sales did an excellent Job taking their model and process and tailoring it to the needs of our business. Overall, the Hunt Big Sales process, approach, and tools have drastically changed our entire organizations’ sales culture and performance."

– Chad Miller, President of LockNet

"Our work with the Hunt Big Sales team taught us how to work with new prospects effectively. Within three months of working with the HBS team and following their methodology, we landed a transformational account."

– Tom Marianacci, President/CEO of ConvergeDirect

"A high-energy, fully engaging program that included material that applied to both new and senior sales reps, management, and internal subject matter experts. Everyone, including the executive team, walked away with key takeaways that will impact our sales immediately."

– Kathryn Kendell, Vice President of Marketing for Prosource.