Bill Humbert C-Suite Network Advisor Since October 2019

Bill is a nationally recognized Talent Attraction Consultant, Speaker, and Author.


Bill is an expert recruiting consultant with 38 years of experience. His clients include: HID Global, The Washington Post, MCI Telecommunications, Cache Valley Electric, Transamerica, Acciona Energy, and Trex Company among many others. Bill is a twice published author and experienced Speaker. Bill speaks on Talent Attraction, Talent Retention, Job Search, and Proper Goal Setting topics.  99 television interviews.

In 1969, he read an ad for Greyhound Bus saying that they would take you from Washington, DC to LA in 5 days. He said, “If Greyhound can do it…” he properly set his goal to hitchhike from DC to Los Angeles in 5 days by using his acronym SCAMPS – and made it!

Since then he has used SCAMPS to recruit 221 IT professionals to Cedar Rapids, IA in 20 months for MCI Telecommunications, write his second book, and to set many business goals.

Bill is someone you need to meet!