Amazing Women Podcast – Host Rob Kopman C-Suite Network Advisor Since August 2020

Share their Secrets, Be Inspired, Be Amazing!

Women in Business

The Amazing Women Podcast showcases successful women entrepreneurs willing to share their stories, expertise, and encouragement, with other aspiring and active businesswomen.

Whether you’re stuck in a job you dread going to every day or it’s just time to make a change, you may be thinking of opening a business.  Or maybe it’s time to take that “side hustle” to the next level.  It’s a little scary.  Most of the women I interview were in that same situation and made the life changing decision to take that leap of faith and create their business.  You can do it too!  So…listen up, pay attention to the nuggets of wisdom these amazing women will share with you every week.  Be inspired to take that next step.  You’re not alone in this wonderful journey of entrepreneurship.  You too, can be amazing!

If you are already successful and would like to inspire the millions of women who are in the position you were when you started out, here’s your opportunity.  Got an amazing story?  I’d love to interview you.  Are you working on your next great idea or have written a book?  Here’s your chance to spread the word about it.  Share your stories.  Be inspirational.  Be amazing.  The door’s open.  Come on in!


Your host:  Rob Kopman

Innately curious, his favorite activity is asking questions of interesting, successful people.  He’s the guy on the plane you don’t want to sit next to unless you’re prepared to share your business story and be entertained.

Rob’s list of careers and interests include public speaking, schoolteacher, mechanical engineer, home remodeler, woodworking craftsman, employer, e-commerce and internet marketer, world traveler, innovator, father, and husband.  He’s also a self-published author selling 500,000 copies of an Amazon top 100 best-seller (2018 and 2019). He is currently a financial advisor specializing in low risk, tax avoidance retirement planning.

He says his favorite clients are women business owners, so when deciding to do a podcast, it was only natural he decided to focus on successful women entrepreneurs. As of today (August, 2020) there are literally a million podcasts and yet there isn’t one that has as its sole purpose, to be an inspiration for women to reach for the stars and either start their own business or grow the one they already own—hosted by a man.

“Men and women are not equal, that would make life a lot less interesting.  However, I believe gender should not be an issue when it comes to pay, education, or business opportunities. In researching ideas and topics to include for my podcast, I was surprised to see how unequal those opportunities still are.  I intend to be part of the solution, not the problem.”  Rob Kopman

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Rob now lives with his wife and daughter in Scottsdale, AZ.