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A Classic Cocktail with Jim Dinkins

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Galen cracks open a Coca-Cola with Jack Daniels to kick off Season 3. We did not fall short on amazing guests to open Season 3. Galen welcomes Jim Dinkins on Whiskey Jazz and Leadership. James L. “Jim” Dinkins is the CEO of The Honey Baked Ham Company. We discuss how to maintain a work culture that encourages innovation and the voices of those around us. Jim Dinkins is a true leader who expresses the importance of finding balance, so that you may invest in others. Jim Dinkins discusses how to foster an environment for innovation while still meeting performance targets. Finally, he gives an excellent connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership. I’m drinking Jack & Coke. What you Drinking?


In part one, my key takeaways were how to identify the people in your industry who will be honest and upfront with you. Next, I was able to learn how to use my leadership skills to aid others in producing innovative concepts to better themselves and the company. While leading teams to be innovative, I also learned from Dinkins how to deliver on performance targets while encouraging innovative approaches from my team.


0:54 Introduction

3:01 What is Jim Dinkins Drinking?

5:15 Who is Jim Dinkins?

6:30 How did your careers in the past prepare you for what you are doing?

12:20 Jim Dinkins Golf metaphor

13:05 What roles have mentors played for you?

15:40 Who is going to tell you the truth

16:35 Galen reflects on lessons he has learned from a mentor

17:35 What are some systems you have put in place for people to tell you the truth?

20:56 Galen reflects on “The Smell of the Place”

22:10 How have you encouraged people in your corporation to be innovative?

Part 2: Spotify

0:54 Introduction

1:15 How do you balance the need for innovation with the very real obligation you have to deliver performance targets?

3:20 How does the metaphor apply to your position today?

6:15 How do you ask the right questions?

9:29 How do you adapt flexibility with being too responsive to what’s happening now, open to the future, while withholding tradition?

14:00 Galen reflects on Season 2 guest Susan Lindner?

15:00 Connection between Whiskey Jazz and Leadership

19:15 Conclusion

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