What to focus on in 2022?
Maurits van Sambeek

By Maurits van Sambeek

5 Words Of The Year And The ONE Thing To Focus On For 2022!

5 Words Of The Year And The ONE Thing To Focus On For 2022! 1024 779 Mauritsvan Sambeek

Why Five Words Of The Year 2021?

There’s magic in numbers…

Let’s look at the meaning of 2021 for example: 2+0+2+1 = 5. And since the number 5 stands for change, we can use five words to understand what changes took place this year.

We all know there’s been global pandemics, local lock-downs, renewed investments and new global perspectives rising. But not everyone’s experience is aligned with the deeper meanings of all of this. And for many it’s especially hard to rise above the turmoil that the year has brought. I’ve experienced some heart-braking moments too. That’s why I dove deep into the words that I’d like to share with you in this article.

So let’s dive into the five words of the year 2021 that could help gain a deeper understanding of what happened, what is happening, and what could happen in the next year and beyond.

Before we begin though, one fair warning – these five words of the year are not randomly chosen. Yet, they’re also not the only words one can choose. Just allow yourself to immerse in the deeper layers of meaning of these five words of the year – how they now apply to your life, business, and potential new acts of benevolence. From there, perhaps all other words could also gain more meaning and sense again.

Let’s begin with:

  1. Time. We all have it. We all use it. We all share it somehow. But what is your experience of it? Do you think you have enough of it to do everything you want? Is there a feeling of wanting more of it? Do you spend it too much on things that don’t really matter, or would you like to share more of it with loved ones?

Time… It’s a complex of movements, rhythms and change. It’s available in units as well as it is infinite. It gives us moments. It takes things away.

And it helps us develop talents, over time.


  1. Talent. We all have some of it. We all use it to some degree. We all share in the skills that get developed by it somehow. But what is your experience of it? Do you think you have well-developed talents? Is there a feeling of not having enough of them? Do you work on developing more of them or putting it to use for greater benefits?

Talent… It’s a complex discussion whether it’s all inborn or solely a matter of proper nurture and education. It’s something that some people seem to be more endowed with than others. We can share them to enhance them.

And it helps us come together to combine and develop treasures of different kinds and values.


  1. Treasure. We all have some of it, whether as skill, talent, time, or finances. We all use it in various ways. We all share opinions about it, whether we agree or not about the value and use. But what is your experience of it? Do you think you have enough of it to be wealthy? Is there a feeling of lack or insecurity about it, or perhaps a desire to expand and expound upon it? Do you share it with others or mostly keep it for yourself?

Treasure… It’s a complex word that carries many meanings. For some the real treasure is pure health and vital life force. For others it’s mental resourcefulness or pure gold in a metaphorical sense. For many it’s solely related to money and luxury items.

And for most of us, all these forms of treasures help us somehow to be inspired and motivated to getting things done for the greater good of ourselves and others.


  1. Philanthropy. We all have an implicit notion of it. We all have had some use of it. We all share in the acts it brings forth somehow. But what is your experience of it? Do you think you have a profound understanding of its meaning? Or is there a feeling of disagreement with it or a desire to develop it more? Do you share one or more of the things related to the three words above (time, talent, treasure) in the light of being philanthropical?

Philanthropy… It’s a complex activity with many aspects and layers. It’s an historical endeavor as well as a modern day industry. It has a calling and a changing reputation.

We could say that in a way it helps us coming together in a greater spirit of harmony for the definite purpose of doing more good in the world.


  1. Mastermind. We all have greater thoughts, at least sometimes. We all use aspects of this grander spirit, to some degree. We all share in the effects of it, somehow. But what is your experience of it? Do you think you have a clear understanding of the word ‘mastermind’, the concept, its workings? Is there a feeling of not slightly ‘getting it,’ or perhaps connotations that go in various directions? Do you share your thoughts and feelings with two or more people in order to come to greater clarity and actionable plans?

Mastermind… It’s a complex concept for grasping something larger than our sole individualistic consciousness. It’s a greater term for bringing many things of thought together. It’s a profound gathering of the seen and unseen in a spirit of cooperation.

And it helps us to transcend the current states of affairs in order to reach something that’s perceived as better.

So let’s bring it all together in the ONE thing to focus on for the new year and beyond…

What is The ONE Thing to focus on in 2022?

The above five words of the year show us that we had some time to develop our talents. They also show us that we might have lost parts of our treasures but there were also signs that new treasures are on the way. They show us that we can learn anew why it matters to help one another, even when it’s done remotely or firstly alone for our direct neighbors.

And, these five words show us that there’s something greater at work, for all of us, with us and through us!

So, what would then be the compelling thing we need to work on, now, in the next year and beyond – What is The ONE Thing to focus on in 2022?

I think we can summarize it in one word…


This means we can work on goodness abound, from the inside out and from the outside in. This means that it’s not just for one person or for one single group. It simply means that we use the five words of the year 2021 in relation to all other words, in order to think, talk and do more good in the world – indeed feeling it from the inside out and both living it from the outside in.

And there are many ways to give this vital power a chance (see links below). But let’s begin with a question:

What words would you use to describe the meaning of OmniBenevolence? Share them in the comments when you share this article.

Thank you!

To a wonderful new year!


Maurits van Sambeek, MA


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