5 Quick Leadership Tips to Navigate Hurricane Season

5 Quick Leadership Tips to Navigate Hurricane Season 150 150 Jennifer Ledet

Imagine you are the captain, the leader, the senior-level executive in charge of your team, your crew.  If you’re moping around spouting gloom and doom, exactly who are you helping? Inspire your people to focus on the possibilities and draw out the best that each individual has to give.

A few years ago, before taking off for a cruise I had planned, my cruising mates were concerned about a hurricane that was heading our way. I was looking forward to this vacation so much that I simply didn’t want to hear about a hurricane. In a way, I guess I was in denial. I didn’t watch the weather forecasts and continued packing bathing suits and sunscreen. Are you still packing your bikini, ignoring a potential downpour in your business?

There are so many forecasts for potential hurricanes during hurricane season down here in the south. Where you live, you might face a stormy season such as a team conflict, a business transaction gone awry, or an employee crisis. Many people are tempted to wring their hands and moan about how bad things are. Why not try the approach of mind over matter? I’m not naive enough to think that you can pull the covers over your head and wait for the sun to come out. No, what I’m suggesting is that you focus on what you can do for your organization, rather than what you can’t do.

Here are

5 quick tips to help leaders navigate a stormy season:

  1. Challenge everyone to be creative
  2. Communicate the situation clearly to your employees
  3. Ask for their input
  4. Reassert your commitment to them and to the organization
  5. Be resourceful and innovative!

Henry Ford said

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.

I am a big believer in this philosophy.

And you might find it interesting, we did not encounter the hurricane! I have no idea where it went because I never did watch the weather forecast. Here’s to effective conflict management, clear communication, and smooth sailing ahead for your team!


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