Managing Growth in the C-Suite

Growth is the top concern of C-Suite leaders. Growth that creates market leadership. Growth that builds loyalty and trust with customers. Growth that creates competitive advantage.

This C-Suite Network Conference on Growth brings together entrepreneurs, thought leaders and top executives whose companies exemplify the best examples of successful growth. Learn their secrets to successful growth and how you can apply these insights to your business.



6:00 – 7:00 PM
Opening Reception

Musical Entertainment
In the Gallery with Best Selling Authors.


7:45 Breakfast

AM Sessions

8:30 Opening Remarks
State of the C-Suite Network
by Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of C-Suite Network and Primetime TV and CBS Podcast Host

Insights in Developing Companies that are Market Leaders

Executive Perspectives LIVE
World Class Strategies for Growth
Interview by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Executive Discussion
Key Technologies that are Changing the Competitive Landscape for All Businesses


20 Minute BREAK


Interactive Audience Session
Practical Approaches to Accelerating Growth in your Business NOW

Membership Discussion
How to Get the Most Out of Your Membership
by Thomas White

Executive Perspectives LIVE
Unconventional Approaches to Financing Your Growth Engine
Interview by Jeffrey Hayzlett




PM Sessions

Opening Remarks



Creating a Culture for Innovation and Growth

Executive Perspectives LIVE
How U.S. Government Policies are Key Factors in Your Growth Plans
Interview by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Executive Discussion
Keys to Personal Leadership Success


20 Minute BREAK


Interactive Audience Session
How Your Personal Brand as a Leader is a Vital Element in Your Company’s Growth Strategies

Executive Discussion
Cultivating Great Talent to Fuel Your Company’s Growth Plans

Executive Discussion
Changes in the Social/Economic Conditions that Impact Your Business Now and into the Future


Jeffrey Hayzlett

by laura1234

Adam Johnson

by laura1234


Joy Marsden

by laura1234

Jules Miles Lewis

by amandapeterson

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

by amandapeterson

Randall Kenneth Jones

by amandapeterson

Stacey Hanke

by amandapeterson

Our advisory board reflects top leaders across a broad spectrum of industries that represent companies with revenues from $200 million to $600 billion. This board provides guidance on the program, invites key participants, and will be participating on-site at the C-Suite Conferences.

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Venue + Travel

Monday May 22nd – Tuesday 23rd, 2017

The weather in Dallas, Texas often turns wet and stormy during May. May has the greatest rainfall, highest humidity and most thunderstorms. Dallas averages a daily maximum temperature for May between 82 and 87ºF. The minimum temperature usually falls between 63 and 68°F. The days in Dallas continue to warm quickly during May. By the end of the month, the temperature will climb around 8 °F above what it was at the start.

Visitors to the Dallas Metroplex have access to more than 15 airports from award-winning international and national airports (DFW & Love Field) to regional and private jet facilities including Addison Airport. For more information on planning your trip, please visit here: