Linda J. Popky

Marketing today is out of control. With all the new marketing techniques accessible to the masses, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. The result is more and more messages, hitting us more often in new and more intrusive ways. For customers, it’s a lot of noise.

Through her work with a wide range of organizations from small companies to professional service providers to Fortune 500 companies, Linda Popky has developed Dynamic Market Leverage™, an approach to help cut through the clutter, stand out, and effectively build business.

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Don’t Stand Out for the Wrong Reasons

Too many times we remember companies and brands because of an extremely negative customer experience. We, or someone we know, were treated badly. A product or service was defective or disappointing. Or the employees we interacted with were poorly trained, inattentive, or, much too often, just plain arrogant.

The only thing worse than getting lost amongst the noise and chaos in the current marketing environment is standing out for the wrong reasons. In today’s connected world, a disgruntled customer experience is magnified and highlighted by ongoing mentions and reposts in social media. It’s almost impossible to mess up quietly anymore.

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About the Author

Linda J. Popky is the president of Leverage2Market Associates, a Redwood Shores, CA-based strategic marketing company that helps transform organizations through powerful marketing performance. Her clients range from small businesses and consultants to mid-sized companies and large Fortune 500 enterprises.

In 2009, Popky was named one of the top women of influence in Silicon Valley and inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame. She is the first marketing expert worldwide certified to offer the Private Roster™ Mentoring Program for consultants and entrepreneurs, and the first licensee of Alan Weiss’s workshops and seminars. Popky is the past president of Women in Consulting, and she served as VP of marketing for the Northern California chapter of the Business Marketing Association. She is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting and Watermark, the organization for exceptional executive women who have made their mark, where she serves on the Strategic Development Board.

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